About Me

I wrote my first program in 1972 on an NCR500 computer system that we used in the Army for inventory control. It was the Navy Battleship game.

By 1974 I was back at Xerox designing and wire wrapping TTL control circuits in the Components Testing Lab in Webster New York. By the late 70's I was using the Kim-1 6502 boards to build test control systems and that lead to AIM-65, PET-2000 and a business partnership developing game software for Amiga 800, Comodore's etc. at Artworx Software Company Incorporated.

I never left Xerox, but continued with my software development through a variety of Intel and HP systems leading to my software engineering career in product development. I worked mostly on mid volume copiers through the 90's and in 2000 I left Xerox after 30 years and joined a Kodak software engineering team.

Most of my Kodak work involved developing controllers in both C++ and C#. I retired in June 2012.

I suspect that over my lifetime, between Xerox, Artworx and Kodak, many many millions of people have benefited from my consumer product code. Even today, my code is still running in many Kodak Picture Kiosk systems and Kodak Apex drylab systems.

Now I get to enjoy software development for myself. Kind of just like the old days.