Monday, November 12, 2012

Netduino Wrap-up

In the previous three posts I outlined the three .Net Micro Framework platforms that can run code generated on a subset of the C# programming language; the GHI FEZ (Fast and EaZy) with Gadgeteer modules, Secret Labs LLC Netduino Go with GoBus modules and Netduino with Arduino shields. Each one of these platforms have their pros and cons and which one chosen would depend on the situation. Gadgeteer is very user friendly when you consider that it has a visual hardware connection screen in the IDE which automatically will help you select ports on the main board. GoBus has a lot of expansion capabilities and ability to run Gadgeteer S U and X modules. Lastly the Netduino board in an Arduino form factor opens up a lot shields and other components that have been around for a long time but it would be a bit harder to program than say a Gadgeteer, so each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

Of course the caveat here is that I do not actually own any of these boards, nor have I ever used them. My comments are only based on what I've read. These ramblings should at least give the casual hobbyist an idea for further reading. Also note there are differences in hardware and CPU capabilities that you might want to explore as well.

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