Saturday, November 24, 2012

TinyDuino - Another tiny arduino kickstarter

Another Tiny Arduino project on Kickstarter just came to my attention. TinyDuino appears to be fully funded and has now entered stretch goals. It doesn't have as many shields, but is a tiny stackable micro-controller.

An entire stack of low power shields could be powered by a simple 3.3v button battery. This is a very clever idea with an extremely small profile. They are planning round form factors and lily pads as well.

I understand the processor is an Atmel ATmega328P, and an FTDI shield would snap onto that for programming. I like the fact that the FTDI USB interface chip could be removed after the micro is programmed. There are similar systems, but none that I know of just use a snap on connector.

The processor board and shields will be made in Ohio, with the board reported to be about $22 USD.

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